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Here at the Dog Dojo we are dedicated to providing in-depth, detailed information on the best health tips, product reviews, and overall well-being of your furry friend. Dogs take up a very special part of our lives and they deserve to be treated with care and responsibility. We hope you find our information helpful in making your next decision towards the well-being of your dog.  

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The Best Frisbee Dogs

Are you looking for the best frisbee dog? When it comes to being agile, quick, and accurate, not all dogs…

Teddy Bear Dog Breed Guide

Teddy Bear Dog Guide If you dream with a small, lovable, and cuddlesome pet, a Teddy Bear dog will probably…


Whoodle – The Whoodle Breed Guide

Whoodle Overview Dog Breed Group: Companion Weight: 20-45 lbs Height: 12-20 inch range Common health issues: ear infections, hip dysplasia,…


Moyen Poodle Breed Guide

Moyen Poodle Guide   Dog Breed Group: Water Dog, Companion Height: 15-20 inch range Weight: 20-3 pounds Coat colors: Black,…


16 Big White Dog Breeds

Big white dog breeds are adorable. Although their fur may not be ideal for darker clothing, and they require more…


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