How much does a lawn mower cost? Average Price

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What are the average prices for lawn mowers? First, some information about the types of lawn mowers and why some lawn mowers are cheaper, but some lawn mowers are more expensive. Let us imagine that there is a certain area covered with grass around your house, and from this same area I want to make a decent lawn.

What area is a gas lawn mower suitable for?

A good option for a site with a complex relief, but it is not very suitable for the lawn – after all, it is the noise and the smell of two-stroke burning, and the banal inconvenience of withstanding a constant mowing height at each pass.

Okay, let’s split the piggy bank and think about a full-fledged gasoline lawn mower! But, if all the work is assumed in the zone of accessibility of the outlet, why do we need a gasoline engine at all, when a mower with an electric motor will be much easier and more reliable (at least in theory), and electricity will cost less than the price of gas.

What is the cost of a gas and electric lawn mower?

On this page you will be able to see the average prices for good electric lawn mowers. Gasoline models reveal their advantages primarily in large areas due to their power (which means – the ability to work with a wide knife and mow more grass for the passage) and autonomy. But on the “personal” scale, just the heroes of our rating today are interesting.

See the cost of good electric lawn mowers for the garden

Category Place Name Rating
Inexpensive electric lawn mowers 1 Makita Elm4620 9. 2 / 10
2 Stiga Combi 44 E 8. 9 / 10
3 MTD Optima 42 E 8. 7 / 10
4 Champion EM4118 8. 3 / 10
5 Gardena PowerMax 1400/34 8. 0 / 10
Wheeled electric lawn mowers at an average price 1 Stihl Rme 545 9. 8 / 10
2 Husqvarna LC 141c 9. 5 / 10
3 Bosch Advancedrotak 760 (0. 600. 8b9. 301) 8. 5 / 10
Self-propelled electric lawn mowers for an average cost 1 Hyundai Le 4600S Drive 9. 2 / 10
2 Wolf-Garten a 400 EA 9. 0 / 10

What is the inexpensive electric lawn mower?

Makita Elm4620

Opens our rating of good electric lawn mowers inexpensive lawn mower Makita ELM4620. If the idea of buying an electric lawn mower also attracts you also due to the fact that they are usually easier and more maneuverable than gasoline then this Makita, alas, is not for you: the Japanese have conceived, and the Chinese gathered a 1. 8-kilowatt ELM4620 decently massive thanks to steelDece, she pulls at all 28. 5 kg. But the unit came out rather reliable and tenacious (if you do not hide the stones and at least sometimes clean the deck), and even with a 46-centimeter knife. There are four modes of work – a collection of grass in a 6 0-liter grass collector, leafing back or sideways, and when installing a plug and mulching.

However, the design has one important nuance that needs to be taken into account. It used a non-speed collector engine with a lowering knife belt – a knife sits directly on the shaft of an asynchronous engine. And this means a high start-up current, like any asynchroness, and less effort on the shaft, despite the seemingly rather big power. But, most importantly, we were not in vain about the fact that it was not worth placing stones – the blow from the knife is transmitted directly to the engine shaft, and some owners still managed to bend it even despite the plastic coupling under the knife, designed to serve a kind of fuse. In general, this mower is best suited for regular use on an already prepared site. This low cost electric lawnmower can be damaged if it cuts bushes in an unprepared area with rocks or debris.

Average price of Makita Elm4620 electric lawn mower: $1000


Stiga Combi 44 E

Stiga attracts with decent power (1. 8 kW) and a small weight – 14 kg. But we must not forget that relief has been achieved by an increase in the share of plastic in the structure, and with a “sore” very characteristic of this model in the form of a breakdown of the height adjustment mechanism. Therefore, we definitely recommend this model only to work in “clean” areas, where the probability of running into a stone, or even a piece of reinforcement is at all, is minimal – it is shock loads on the knife, transmitted to the motor, and from it – to the case, and break in the case. As a result, lever.

The width of the mowing here is 42 centimeters. Height adjustment – from 25 to 75 mm. Without a 50-liter hard grass collector, the release can only be directed back, and the mower can also mulch. So, if it were not for a clear miscalculation in the design of the adjustment mechanism, the braid would have good chances to rise in the ranking above.

The wife easily copes with the mower. The motor is powerful. Well, follow so as not to run into a stone, you need to

MTD Optima 42 E

MTD, undoubtedly, attracts a small weight (15. 7 kg) and a moderate price at a 1. 8 kW engine power. But we must not forget that the low price and low weight are not taken from the air: Deco here is plastic, so remember caution, but in any case, this is not “for centuries”. For plastic is also in the mechanism of central adjustment of the height, which is generally typical of cheap braids and is equally typical of them a “sick place”.

The knife used 42-centimeter, the productivity of the mower with it is a good, 47-liter hard grass collector may even seem small. The possibility of mulching is provided for by the design, the plug is included, the knife when mulching is used standard. But the steel of the knife – alas, is soft, it is stupid quickly, and with a blunt knife, the efficiency of any electric shock falls literally before our eyes. So traditionally for the budget class, the field for imagination and handling of the hands opens-well, someone even likes it.

I have to rule the knife often, I plan to somehow choose an analogue. He converted the wheels to the bearings, since there is its own workshop. And so that – inexpensively and mows.

Champion EM4118

Here, for example, is the same 1. 8 kW, “wrapped in plastic”, while half the cheaper than we described below “Bosch”: True, Champion weighs even 13 kilograms, which can still be understood when the woman was purchased, but I would like metaljust more. Fortunately, at least a penny and grams were not hidden on the knife drive, putting the knife directly on the engine shaft – it is collector, high-speed and, alas, compared to the same “Boshem”, which sounds like a natural pipe of Jericho (but still sh showThis money), and the drive to the shaft of a 42-centimeter knife is a belt. But with the bearings in plastic, so the meeting with the armature, dug up at night, can end sadly: the braid can only be used with accuracy and for easy work.

The grass collector is combined (hard cover with a soft bottom), 50 liters. It is filled quite efficiently, but it is shaken due to the characteristics of the form not very. A complete knife, which is not surprising, made of soft steel, so it will be often to rule it (although its softness will not be preserved to some extent plastic deck, you can’t argue here).

A typical cheap Chinese, in principle will have to follow and bring to mind, so it’s more of a designer, in my opinion.

Gardena PowerMax 1400/34

This section of the rating completes the lightest lawn mower of all that got into it: “Gardena” weighs as much as 9. 7 kg! Even taking into account the fact that the motor here is only 1. 4 kW, and already due to this the mitch was somewhat better, she has exactly the same problems as the Champion, but also with overpayment. In one ear, the author involuntarily began to play Spleen, recalling that “everything is in the world from plastic”, and in another, Iron Harris immediately appeared, habitually reminding that “the plastic world won”.

However, this model also has its advantages. First of all, it is maneuverability – due to the narrow deck (after all, the knife here is short, 34 cm), the mower is convenient if necessary to maneuver in a limited space, it can simply not go to where the more powerful and overalls simply do not pass. The central 10-position adjustment of the mowing height (from 20 to 60 mm) is made non-standard, but convenient. The volume of the grass collector of 40 liters also plays the benefit of compactness, maneuverability and simplicity of transportation, but already with: the mower is effectively working to about half of its volume, further filling is already difficult.

Our verdict will be this: if you need the most compact and light mower possible, then Gardena also has its chances. But be careful – and do not demand from the mower that it “can’t handle”!

Lightweight and all-encompassing, it fits normally in the trunk of a car (and I don’t have it dimensionless). Stones, however, have to be afraid.

The best wheeled electric lawn mowers


Our ranking of the best electric lawn mowers continues with the STIHL RME 545 wheeled lawn mower. Stihl uses a 1. 6 kW engine: this is not a record figure, but already sufficient to work with a 43 cm blade. The knife itself is equipped with well-thought-out aerodynamic flaps, the task of which is to effectively “blow off” the cut grass into the nozzle leading to the grass catcher. And the grass collector, we note, is quite decent – 60 liters, which many gasoline mowers with their greater (what is there) performance can envy. The grass catcher itself is rigid, conveniently removed and emptied, equipped with a full indicator. When the grass collector is removed, not only is the mowed grass ejected back, but also mulching is possible: a plug is installed in the ejection channel, the knife remains standard, replacing it with a special mulching one, as a number of manufacturers do (including the eternal rival of Calm in the face of Husqvarna), not required. However, if for gasoline lawn mowers we could call the presence of a mulching mode a definite plus, then for electric ones this is a moot point: after all, for efficient and productive mulching, especially when the grass is wet, you need more power.

The mowing height adjustment of the mower is central, in the range from 25 to 80 mm (seven positions of the lever). The handle, on the other hand, has only three height adjustment positions, but they are chosen correctly, so you will have problems with the ease of use of the mower, except perhaps with a completely non-standard build.

Made to last, and with regular use, if you do not let the lawn overgrow, the power is enough.

Husqvarna LC141C

The 22-kilogram “Khuskvarna” is equipped with a 1. 8 kW engine, and the solid torque of the motor also increases due to the reducing transmission to the knife with a clinic belt (in addition, in this design a meeting with stone or reinforcement is not dangerous for the engine shaft, and andThe belt serves as a kind of damper). The mower is regularly has a 50-liter cloth of a herbal collector, which has pluses and minuses-pros in the convenience of storage and transportation, and cons of less convenient compared to hard cleaning. The grass emission channel provides for the installation of a plug for mulching, so that for completeness of functionality there is not enough only side discharge – but, as is, in principle, it is accepted by Khuskvarna, a plug for mulching and a mulching knife, the so-called “BioClip set”, you will have to buyseparately.

Adjusting the height of the mowing – in the range from 25 to 75 mm, central and already with 10 steps of adjustment: to be honest, it is difficult to imagine a situation where several millimeters of the difference between neighboring provisions are so important, but okay, they did it. The knife used is 41-centimeter-this is a reasonable choice with this engine power. Unless, of course, the mower is “pulling” the power: with an extension cord, do not understand what cross-section will give a powerful motor to give too strong food drawings and lose traction, which must always be remembered when buying any electric lawn mower.

I chose on the principle of large, iron and famous brand. It turned out a little expensive, although it suits me in work, especially since with the grass collector a cat only around the house, it is not very clogged.

Bosch Advancedrotak 760 (0. 600. 8b9. 301)

We will not argue: part of the considerable price of this mower clearly went to work of designers. Bosch looks expensive and that “high-tech”, you involuntarily wait for Mass Effect in the best traditions of Captain Shepard, telling all the loudspeakers that this is his favorite lawn mower. But, having seen 16 kilograms in the column “weight”, you immediately understand that but the metal for us did not report to us for this money. Indeed, a 1. 8-kilowatt engine with a 46-centimeter knife are collected on a plastic deck at a price of a good “iron” mower.

Of course, excellent maneuverability and easy adjustment of the height of mowing with one button are interesting, like a small noise level and comfortable handles. But to recommend this model (however, like all this “green” line of Bosch) for something more than episodic mowing on a flat surface, the author does not rise in the author-and in this a typically “amateur” Bosch segment is completely uncompetitive in price. Although we will not argue, for someone the words well, he is pretty and Bosch can also become a motive for buying

The best self-propelled electric lawn mowers

Hyundai Le 4600S Drive

Self-propelled lawn mowers with network power supply is not the most common thing that, in principle, understands: “Self-propelled things” are usually taken to facilitate work in large areas, where you will not particularly roll with the extension cord. So in the first place of the rating of the best self-propelled electric lawn mowers Hyundai falls for a simple reason – for prevalence on sale and studied “sores”.

However, let’s start with the good. A 1. 8-kilowatt engine, a 46-centimeter knife, a 60-liter soft grass collector- “on paper” the mower looks decent and does not cause concern in excessive “plastic” with its weight a little more than 26 kg. The speed of the self-wage on a flat surface is 3. 6 km/h, and, unfortunately, it is possible to regulate it only with the slipping of the clinic belt connecting the pulley of the rear axle gearbox. You should not do this, we note: it accelerates the wear of pulleys and belt, and sooner or later it flies. It is also more careful to be to the brake mechanism-the bursting spring, due to the layout of the mechanism, can again fall under the belt and kill it. In general, the mower needs more attention and maintenance than this could want, and the drive is better to use in the “ON/Off” mode only where it becomes more difficult to pushing the mower-after all, it “eats” part of the power, and it is onThe knife will not hurt either.

Moving height adjustment – seven-speed, from 30 to 75 mm. There are only two modes of operation – with the collection of grass or with the ejection back, mulching in Hyundai was considered an excess. And, frankly, the author supports them in this, especially with additional costs of power to the wheel drive.

Wolf-Garten a 400 EA

A red-yellow mower similar to a children’s machine has a completely adult power-1. 7 kW, a standard knife is a forty-casantimeter. In fact, we have a typical “state employee” from the “subsidiary” of the MTD brand, and gathering surprisingly not in China, but in Hungary – and gathering well, despite the bulkhead with plastic.

The grass collector is soft, 55 liters. Height adjustment – from 25 to 75 mm, six-position. Even a little funny that, in addition to working with a grass collector and rear emission, in a mower they provided mulching: with an asynchronous engine and drive to wheels, we will leave this on the conscience of marketers, although when did they have?

Well, in any case, in the ranking, this model will give in Hyundai: out of two evils, it is better to choose better familiar, and out of two mowers – the one that the owners managed to study “live”, and the spare parts for which are wider.

I turn on the drive only on bumps, it mows better without it (well, it was not surprised). And so, in general, by current standards for the plastic deck is expensive.

How to choose a good electric lawn mower?

The power for an electric lawn mower is especially critical – read the complaints of owners of gasoline mowers on how they lack the capabilities of the motor, and they have more “horses” (1 hp = 0. 74 kW, if that). Of course, the electric motor is somewhat saved that the torque curve is not at all the same as that of the internal combustion engine (the collector electric motor continues to pull, while the gasoline engine simply stalls), but the overload for the resource is not the best all the bestequals. This is especially important for lawn mowers that are operated in the warm season, and the ventilation of their engines is inevitably worsened by protective casings. Therefore, if we are not talking about compact models with knives less than 40 cm long, you should not look towards mowers with a capacity of less than 1. 6 kW – this has long been proven by practice.

The motor of an electric lawn mower itself can be commutator (“brush” in everyday life) or asynchronous. In the second case, the term “brushless” is often used, which is not true: although it does not have brushes either, brushless DC motors used in cordless power tools are usually called high-class (such an association is played by store managers, It does not seem?). Although a commutator motor is more complex, noisier, and more demanding to maintain than an asynchronous motor, it will be the right choice for a mower. And due to the greater torque (moreover, growing with an increase in load and a decrease in speed!), And due to a lower starting current, which is important with powers “per kilowatt”, and even with the inevitable work with an extension cord. In addition, the efficiency of the collector motor is also higher, but do not forget: in fact, the power consumption is indicated in the passport, according to the output, the “collector” kilowatt will be more powerful than the “asynchronous” one. Finally, for a low-speed asynchronous motor, a knife is placed directly on the rotor through a clutch, so that an expensive motor suffers when a knife hits a random stone – and with a high-speed commutator motor, a belt gearbox is necessarily used, and a much cheaper, simple output shaft will take over the entire destructive load upon impact. Fortunately, most lawn mowers are assembled precisely on collector motors, although, for example, the “asynchronous” Makita also got into our rating.

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