Calmest Dog Breeds


Some dogs can easily become overwhelming with their high energy and maintenance. If you’re looking for a low maintenance friend who would love to sleep in or stay in at night and watch Netflix with you, look no further. Here is a list of calm dog breeds that would rather take a nap, than go out for a run.

Large Calm Dog Breeds

Saint Bernard


The Saint Bernard is a lovable large dog breed from the working dog class. Coming in as one of the largest calm dog breeds on this list, Saint Bernard is widely known for being a low energy dog that is also easy going.

Although they may not be exactly ‘playful’, the Saint Bernard is rather patient and friendly. The breed is also known to be a little stubborn but is also gentle and loyal to their family. They do require some exercise on a daily basis. Don’t worry though, a nice walk can do the job, as these dogs won’t want to run a marathon.

Great Dane


Standing at nearly 3 feet at their shoulder, the Great Dane is a gentle giant. They have a strong drive and also come from the working class, but this doesn’t stop the occasional clumsiness. The Great Dane is generally great around children and an all around family dog. Due to its large size, it may overwhelm the kids so care is advised when leaving them unattended.

This breed is well-mannered and friendly towards other dogs and pets. All you need to satisfy the energy needs of the breed is a moderate walk or backyard run. They need more room given their large size and a comfy

Neapolitan Mastiff


The Neapolitan Mastiff is another dog breed that is considered calm. Although they are primarily kept for guarding the home and family, the dog is pretty calm and laid back. They are particularly loyal to the family but are suspicious of strangers making them an amazing breed for a watchdog.

These dogs are friendly towards kids and can be a great option for your family as long as you supervise the time they spend with their kids due to their size. As long as they have room to stretch their muscles, these dogs will be happy with minimal exercise.



The Bullmastiff is loyal to their owners and is very friendly towards kids and the family members. On top of being a great calm dog breed, they are gentle and are excellent guardians.

When they meet strange dogs, however, they can be pretty aggressive. They are also occasionally stubborn. Their energy needs aren’t high but they will need daily exercise. A walk can often do the job.



The Newfoundland was famously introduced in the movie Peter Pan, as the nanny named Darling. These sweet natured, large calm dogs are actually very hard working and love the water. Newfoundland is also patient which makes them a great alternative for kids who may occasionally be rough to animals.

They are also protective especially when they feel like someone they are attached to is threatened. They are more comfortable in cold weather and love the occasional swim or daily walk.



If you are looking for a devoted and affectionate calm dog, then the Leonberger is definitely the dog for you. This breed of dogs is even-tempered and often easy to train. Although they are friendly towards their neighbours, the Leonberger is protective of their owners. They are not the best watchdogs though. They are an athletic and agile breed and enjoy daily walks.

Scottish Deerhound


The Scottish Deerhound is a unique dog. When they are outside, they are active and will run after almost everything that moves. When they are indoors, however, they are quiet and calm.

This breed is an all around friendly dog, who loves friends, family, and even the occasional stranger. The Deerhound does great with children and even does well with other dogs and animals. As stated above, they do like to be active when outside, so a regular walk is suggested. That being said, they will have a favourite spot on your couch for a snooze.

Medium Sized Calm Dog Breeds

English Bulldog


The English Bulldog is an iconic symbol of Great Britain and has gained tremendous popularity in the last century. Although these dogs may have an intimidating appearance, they are extremely kind and loving. They’re a great dog for kids and the family.

As far as calm dog breeds go, the English Bulldog fits the profile to a T. They should be exercised on a regular basis because they are prone to health problems, but they would probably prefer a nap.

Clumber Spaniel


If you are looking for a calm dog breed that blends well with the family and is friendly towards the kids and other pets, then the Clumber Spaniel is the dog to opt for. It is a slow dog breed that will struggle to keep up with the owner but will endure throughout the day. It is a dignified dog breed that enjoys daily walks but is not the best one to go for if you need a running or jogging partner.

Chow Chow


Hailing from Northern China, the Chow Chow is an adorable fluffy dog that has an independent personality. Because of this, they don’t make the best family dog, unless you’re experienced in dealing with stubborn dogs. For the right person, they are extremely loyal and a great companion.

They have low energy levels, and only need a walk to get by, and get by with fairly low maintenance.

Basset Hound


Coming from a Basset Hound lover, I can say that the Basset Hound loves their naps. The Basset Hound is a great family dog, with a calm personality. Don’t let their appearance fool you, although they are short in stature, they still can weight up to 70 pounds.

This breed does require some exercise, but be careful because they will follow their nose wherever it takes them. If they aren’t out chasing a scent, you’ll find them lounging on the couch.

Shar Pei


The Shar-Pei is famous for its wrinkled appearance. Literally made up of folds of skin, its name literally translates to “sand skin”. These dogs are a very calm dog breed, but much like the Chow Chow, they are strong-willed and somewhat independent.

This breed comes from a guardian and watch-dog background, so they have protective tendencies.



The Keeshond is widely known today as a low energy companion breed. While the Keeshond will be suspicious of new people, it doesn’t take long for them to get along with just about anyone. This breed is people oriented, making them a great indoor dog breed.

The dog loves to go outside in cooler temperatures for a walk, but because of their people-oriented personality, they would rather stay in and socialize.

Small Calm Dog Breeds

Shih Tzu


The Shih Tzu has long been bred for one thing, to be a loving companion. This is one of the calmest dog breeds, known for being a lap dog and having somewhat of a ‘velcro’ tendency. Following you around the house, room to room.

Since the Shih Tzu has no history of being a guard dog or even hunting, they are extremely friendly and love to meet new people. This makes them a great family dog, or even for elderly people. Because of their small stature, they can get hurt easily, so it’s important to keep an eye out if they are playing with kids. The Shih Tzu also doesn’t require much exercise, but it’s good to get them out on a regular basis.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


This toy dog breed is naturally a loving companion that’s ready for snuggles and a soft bed. The King Charles Spaniel is a kind natured dog breed and loves sitting on your nap. The breed was brought up as a hunting dog, so they do love to get out and chase animals in the yard.

Besides they’re lovable characteristics, they do require frequent walks and as stated above, will take after anything that it can chase. King Charles is very playful and is often used as a therapy dog.



Believe it or not, the Pug comes from royalty. Bred in early China, Pugs were meant for companions in the royal houses of China. Now they are exceedingly popular for their lovable personality and funny faces.

The pug requires little exercise and loves to sit on any lap that’s available. They have a fun personality and seek to be the center of attention. Don’t let their goofy appearance and attitude fool you though, Pugs can be very smart and mischievous.

Overall the Pug is a very calm dog breed and a good addition to the family.

French Bulldog


Just like the Pug, the French Bulldog is a small dog breed that has a long history of companionship. They have a playful attitude but also enjoy lounging around on the couch. The French Bulldog is a great dog for a single person in an apartment, and they also do well with families.

They train easily and are incredibly intelligent.

Japanese Chin


Also known as the Japanese Spaniel, they are basically just that. The Japanese Chin is a calm dog breed that doesn’t need much exercise. They love laying around and don’t make much noise, unlike some toy breed dogs.

The Chin does well with strangers but can get overwhelmed with children or an excessive amount of company. They loved to be pampered and accept attention with natural instinct. They are ideal for a small family.



The Pekingese is similar to the Pug in many ways. Bred for centuries to be a companion dog, they were brought up in the royal houses of China. Now, they are still all the companion dog that they were hundreds of years ago. They need minimal exercise but the grooming may be a different story.

The Pekingese knows it comes from royalty, and has a personality to suit. They have a proud, independent personality and love to rule the house. That being said, they are a loving dog breed, who admire their families but not so much strangers.

Brussels Griffon


The Brussels Griffon is a unique breed with a funny face and equally funny personality. While they may be higher maintenance than most the dogs on this list, Griffons are a great companion dog and love to cuddle. They have questionable behavior towards smaller children but get along with most other dogs and animals.

The Brussels Griffon doesn’t need much exercise and will turn its nose to any sign of running. A regular walk will suit this breed well. With proper behavioural training, they would work well in a family environment.

Italian Greyhound


The Italian Greyhound gets is companionship roots from the Middle Ages where they were used as companions and lap dogs. On top of being a lap dog, this small greyhound has strong determination, speed, and endurance. Nowadays, this breed is known for its obedience, agility, and rally at competitions.
They are a great family dog but may shy away from people they don’t know, so early socialization is important. They can get full of energy and get “zoomies”, so a safe backyard is recommended. They can adjust to apartment living, but walks are still important.

Tibetan Spaniel


The Tibetan Spaniel has relation to the Pekingese and shares similar appearance as well. This breeds come from the mountains of the Himilaya’s and has been used as a companion dog for hundreds of years. This breed is calm, laid back dog breed that is often compared to cats. The Tibetan Spaniel is very loving and affectionate. When they aren’t on your lap, they’ll climb to the top of furniture around your house, to get a view of everything that’s going on.