Craftsman lawn mower maintenance manual

Craftsman lawn mower maintenance manual

Note When sharpening the blade, follow the original polishing angle. Calculate each blade to maintain a balanced blade.

Handle Positions

Warning: do the following before repairing and adjusting to avoid serious injury. Unblock the control line and stop the engine. 2. Make sure the blade and all moving parts have come to a complete stop. 3. Remove spark plug and place WI.

2. Move the top handle (a) to match the position display (b) to the most comfortable position of the three handle positions (C).

Using Mower as a Mulcher

7. Insert the handle, change the wing nut or nut and the bolt removed in step 2 into the bottom handle hole (fig. 5).

1. Hold under the top handle of the mower and carefully place the mower on the four wheels.

Step #16: Connect The Power Cable

Bring the mower to the garage or flat place. It is important to note that if the surface is inclined, there will be problems during the repair.

Advertisement: Before requesting repair: 1. Open the control panel and operate the engine. 2. Aseglir Que la Cuchilla y Que todas las las partes retible se kyan detenido upmente. 3. Desconect.

There is no reason not to use a steel deck (or aluminum as the Examark Arder 21) on this mower because the cell floor disc does the hard work. In this regard, Craftman seems to agree, and the M310 uses a steel deck construction.

By the way, he finally overestimated the blade. Attach the blade to the crankshaft pulley with screws. Tighten the screw with a warder warder warder warder warder warder warder warder warder warder warder warder warder warder warder warder warder warder warder warder warder warder wrap-linker lush taster wrap losingw

In Summary

Do not use water to clean engine parts. Water can contaminate the fuel system. Use a brush or dry cloth.

7. Apply a light oil to the inside of the engine crankshaft and blade adapter. See inset, fig. 24

9. After cleaning the deck, restart more. Operate the motor and blade for at least 2 minutes to allow the bottom of the cutting deck to dry completely.

Craftsman Lawn Mower Problems

1. Before starting the mower for the first time, add the attached oil as described in the separate engine instruction manual.

The Craftsman M310 self-propelled mower has three positions of the handle to work at any height. Low, high and medium people can find the position of the handle, which allows them to work more comfortable. Craftsman also uses this easy to set up a clip on the handle to make adjustment even more effective.

An unbalanced blade will cause excessive vibration at high speeds. The engine can be damaged or the blade may break, which can lead to injury.

Step #11: Lift The Front Wheels Again

This is caused by the ingress of oil into the compression cylinder or a leak from the engine to a hot muffler. Another reason for the smoke of lawn mowers is to get water into the fuel system.

To empty the grass collector 1. Using the handle of the frame, raise the grass collector above the lawn. 2. Remove the tray for the grass using the cutting part and under the handle of the tray for the grass. 3. Enough the lawn mower inside the bag, using both the handle of the frame and the handle of the bag. Note to draw the bag during emptying leads to unnecessary wear. G Rascatcher Lame Ladesac Before starting the engine, share oil. About the type and brand of the used oil.

To the 4th batrier’s uxation was enough for 50 minutes. 26 minutes, 36 minutes, which is a big improvement, but I am interested, because the battery improved after the first few charges, or the mower was supposed to work less, and the operating time should have increased, I don’t understand. I suspect that this is the last, so I plan to conduct additional tests to see if this will improve the battery performance.

Change the Oil & Tune Up Lawnmower – GardenFork. T

Handle mower blades properly

Craftsman lawn mower maintenance manual control line

Disadvantages ・ a little slower than other devices of this size.

IMPORTANT: For more information about the engine, see in a separate engine operation manual. This lawn mower is supplied without gasoline (fuel) or oil in the engine. Always refill the engine with the indicated gasoline and oil before the launch and operation of the lawn mower.

3. Fix in place with two lamb pens or nuts and a lamb nut, taken in step 1.

We are really impressed by the fact that the M310 Master provides such a level of performance in this price category. Automatic start does this very simple, and the oil design never changes. In addition, it works normally in any case. There are some features, such as a sense of self-propelled work, but you can get a very pleasant experience of mowing.

Easy-Starting and Reliable Craftsman M310 Lawn Mower Appeals to Homeowners

2. Insert two hooks of the side cover under the folding multifunctional cover. Lower the side multifunctional lid.

Adjust the note by moving the front and rear levers of height adjustment in opposite directions.

General Recommendations

If your lawn mower worked in idle in a low season, you may have to try it several times, but no guesses with a manual throttle.

It all starts with the removal of dust sticking to the car, which is not difficult. It can also be blown away or shaken away. There may also be a hole for washing the deck, which you can connect to the hose to wash off the remnants of grass and other garbage under the deck of the mower. If you do not have this function, you can put the lawn mower on the side and allow the water to wash the deck. Always use a stick to remove garbage with a lawn mower. Never use your hands, as it is dangerous.

4. Remove the bolt (a) and the support of the blade (b) nest, which attach the blade and adapter of the blade to the crankshaft of the engine (Figure 24).

Step #5: Remove The Blade

Thanks for the purchase of this product. New Craftsman® products are designed and made for convenience of mass use. Like any product, it may need maintenance.

Wait until the blades are completely stopped before starting working with a mowing or removing a grass collector. Make sure that the blade does not stop for more than 3 seconds. If the blade does not stop for 3 seconds, contact the service center. We are really impressed by the fact that

Craftsman lawn mower maintenance manual for convenience     of mass use





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