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Black Spots On Your Dogs Skin: What You Should Know!


In most cases, black spots on a dogs skin are harmless. Much like humans, spots naturally occur with age or natural wear to the body. So when should you worry about the black spots? Black spots become more serious when they are accompanied by symptoms, such as hair loss, dry skin, itchiness, amongst others. Here […]

The Dog Flu – What You Should Know About Canine Influenza


Canine Influenza¬† This year, many dog flu cases have been reported in certain areas of the United States. Here is a guide to help you understand what the dog flu is, and how to keep your dog safe. What is the Dog Flu? Canine Influenza (CI), is a highly contagious respiratory disease that has been […]

Pedialyte For Dogs – Can You Give Your Dog Pedialyte?


Pedialyte is an oral electrolyte replenishing solution widely recommended to treat dehydration in children and adults. But, should you consider Pedialyte for dogs dehydration too? Yes, the oral electrolytes and glucose (sugar) found in Pedialyte can relief the signs of dehydration in dogs. Keep reading to learn how and when you should give Pedialyte to […]