How many cubic feet is Worx Aerocart?

consider folding garden

For about eight years, we had an old-fashioned wheelbarrow with a flat tire hanging off the garage wall. Water softener, or paving when finishing the yard. Real men don’t need strollers!

While working on an article about the Worx cordless lawn mower, I came across another WORX product that looks very nice. Not exactly WORX week at GarageSpot (which is a great idea!). We wanted to share this awesome 8-in-1 multipurpose cart that has been around since mid-2014.

The WORX Aerocart is a two-wheel, three cubic foot cart that can be used as a plant or rock moving cart or as a mobile water tank with optional accessories.

The Aerocarts all-steel construction allows it to carry up to 300 kg, but its weight is more balanced than conventional single-wheel carts, reducing lifting to a maximum of 20 to 30 kg. 10-inch non-skid tires are maintenance-free and of course puncture-free.

At the front of the Aerocart, the cart platform folds down to move coolers or other large items. A trailer ball can also be attached to the front of the Aerocart platform to move trailers and boats up to 1,000 kg.

The Aerocarts folding extension allows it to carry large pots, bags of dirt, straw bales, and other oversized items. It is essentially an extended carrying cushion. Finally, the roller arm lets you move large round objects such as welding tanks.

The electric stroller can be used for 7 hours of continuous use or 11 hours in idle-stop mode. (It takes 6 to 8 hours to charge a 24-volt battery). The stroller can be used indoors as there is no smoke and little noise.

Overall Highest Aerocarts

Jackson 6cc steel cart

Why You Should Buy It: This industrial style steel is designed to carry heavy loads and can last a long time.

  • Note: Its price is higher than other Aerocart options.

Although slightly more expensive than other Aerocarts with similar features, the 6 Cubic Jackson Steel Stroller’s ergonomic design and durable steel construction make it the greatest choice for the best Aerocart Load.

The Jackson is a professional quality Aerocart, making it very durable for use on construction sites and in residential courtyards and gardens. The thick hardwood handle provides a comfortable grip and facilitates driving while working. They also stabilize the legs on the frame, making them more resistant to overturning.

Thanks to the steel tray, this Aerocart can carry almost anything you need, including bricks, stones, plants, and soil. The advantage of steel discs is that they are less likely to break in cold climates because they are more resistant to temperature extremes.

They are a great choice for gardens because they can be maneuvered between rows without destroying plants. However, they are less stable than scooters, so first-time users will need to get used to balancing their weight.

Product Details: Weight: 250 lbs Capacity: 5.5 cubic feet Aerocart Weight: 14 lbs Material: Plastic Wheel Type: 2 wheels, plastic tires

What to look for when choosing a light Aerocart?

Which Aerocart should you choose: plastic or metal?

Advantages: plastic stroller buckets are lighter than metal and quieter when bumped with a shovel. Plastic models are more economical Aerocarts. Polyurethane Aerocarts are a special type of plastic (polyurethane).

Cons: Plastic Aerocarts can crack under the weight of a load or break if left outside. If not reinforced, they can deform when carrying heavy loads.

Mini canvas Aerocarts are also available. They fold up easily but cannot lift much weight.

Advantages: metal Aerocart bins are strong and long-lasting.

Cons: Metal Aerocarts are heavy. Care should be taken with metal buckets to prevent rusting if the coating or dye has been scratched.

Which Aerocart size should you choose?

Next, think about capacity. You will need a stroller large enough for a large fertilizer load, but small enough to move easily along the garden path. There are many Aerocart sizes, and a typical garden stroller will fit about 3 cubic feet. The comparison drivers above have presented you with the best large and small Aerocarts.

How many wheels does a Aerocart need?

It is just in the name… Aerocart. Determining how many wheels a Aerocart should have is the next important step.

What if you don’t want or can’t push the Aerocard? This battery Aerocart will carry from 750 kg up to level (500 kg at 3:1) at speeds up to 2.4 mph. It fits into approximately 8 cubic feet.

  • This lightweight handle does a great job of transporting most garden materials.
  • This durable non-rusty disc is less prone to bending than typical plastic disc Aerocarts.
  • The Worx Aerocart is ideal for transporting a variety of bulky objects or objects with odd shapes at ground level.

A good Aerocart can carry what you want to carry without swaying or cracking on corners, uphill slopes, or small obstacles. Some of the best Aerocarts have wheels designed to turn smoothly and push sand and gravel without piercing them, even when fully loaded. Below we have selected five of the best Amazon Aerocarts available online right now.

The recommendations in this guide are based on exhaustive product and purchase research by our team of ad hoc critics. Options are based on user reviews, product specifications, and in some limited cases, specific product experiences.

By far the best thing about this Aerocart is how easy it is to drive. Even when fully loaded with bricks, true temperament did not feel like it was falling or “running” downhill. The only tire that does not give downhill is compact, but is full of soft material that provides good absorption when rolling over unusual soils, stones, and branches.

This lightweight loop handle handles most garden materials perfectly. The wide parachute is slightly squarer than the Marathon, facilitating placement of more bricks on the parachute. And the air tires make it easy to bypass most patio areas.

The 6 Cubic Feet Jackson Stroller is a contractor-friendly two-wheeled Aerocart with a full-size hardwood handle and a fully supported steel pallet for added strength. Additional features include durable, double-layer dual-layer wheels for easy endurance, and durable rusted blue powder paint.

Are steel Aerocarts good for heavy duty?

boarded garden

Jackson 6cc steel cart

If you need something that works as hard as you do, you can’t go wrong with the Jackson Aerocart. Gardening expert and Garden Guy owner Todd Farber is the choice for this heavy-duty steel, with slope-resistant construction and substrate for contractors. It is a commercial-quality product, suitable for large tasks requiring high, heavy loads.

It is heavy staying steel that will last for several years. It is also balanced for the loads you put in it. The stroller weighs only 55 pounds, which is relatively heavy, but this is part of what makes it durable. We noted that the product can withstand a 10 kg concrete slab. Note that you may need more than a screwdriver to assemble it. Some users are advised to use a set of sockets and even a vise.

Materials: steel, wooden handlesNumber of wheels: 1 |Number of handles: 2 |Load capacity: 6 cubic feetWeight capacity: not shown|Dimensions: 62 x 27 x 26 in.

The Worx Aerocart is a multi-purpose Aerocart and patio Aerocart. This Aerocart features features such as expanded level tires, folding extensions, etc. The Aerocart can perform the duties of eight different Aerocarts, among others.

Which Aerocarts work well on soft surfaces and smooth concrete?

  • Gorilla Cart Poly Garden Dump Cart

  • Worx Aerocart multifunctional Aerocart

  • Stroller with 2 Wheels for Marathon Yard

  • Rubbermaid Commercial Big Wheel Yard Cart

  • Ames True Temper M6T22 Steel Aerocart for Contractors

  • Suncast LC1250D 15 Gallon Gallet, Garden Gallet with Cylinder

  • Baby Radio Flyer Aerocart

While it may seem like a simple choice, there are in fact a vast number of options for selecting the perfect stroller. The following parameters can guide you through the process of making a documented decision

Can I get a folding Aerocart?

Folding Aerocarts make gardening and household chores easier and simpler. They are compact and easy to fold and store. Folding Aerocarts are usually made of durable canvas and have additional pockets to fit smaller tools. These Aerocarts are made of canvas but have a maximum capacity.

The inner canvas is supported by a durable metal frame that is surprisingly lightweight. Folding Aerocarts are strong and durable, but are not designed for mass use. Their maximum transport capacity is much lower than the transport capacity of a typical Aerocart. Some folding Aerocarts have multiple wheels to help support heavy loads.

Typically, they are two, three, or four wheels, which makes them difficult to overturn and empty. This can also be a problem when moving or maneuvering the stroller in tight spaces.

The handle is telescopic and can be folded when placed for storage. As mentioned earlier, the wheels are plastic, so they work well on soft surfaces and smooth concrete, but will be more difficult on rocky or unusual soils. If you’re looking for a medium-sized stroller, something between an inexpensive Aerocart sold at the local store and a construction Aerocart, a Polar trailer will do the vagina; it can carry 400 kg or about 7 cubic feet of material. The impact resistant polyethylene cabin will keep you forever.

Types of Garden Aerocarts

There are four basic types of garden Aerocarts: utility Aerocarts, flat platform Aerocarts, recycling Aerocarts, and folding Aerocarts. The one you choose will depend on the unique needs of your garden.


These Aerocarts are usually called utilities and have four vertical sides that help fit everything needed on the Aerocart. In most cases these sides are removed for easy access and cleaning. The utilities should be used to carry cut greens, soil, compost, or fertilizer. Removable sides can be used to carry oddly shaped loads such as soil bags or large plants.

Destructive Trucks

Destructive trucks are very similar to utilities and Aerocarts, but have the unique ability to reject loads.

Depending on how much of the reverse truck fits into the loading formula, you can use it to haul all kinds of garden soil, woodblocks, or fertilizer. If you are dealing with large earth animal work, a heavy destructive stroller could be a better choice than a country wagon.

Trucks with flat Aerocarts

As their name suggests, boarded garden Aerocarts have no sides. They are used for placing bags containing soil or vegetable material and for transporting bulky or large objects such as storms or large trees.

Folding Aerocarts

If space is limited, consider folding garden Aerocarts. They usually have sides made of fabric or canvas. The frame is made of metal but folds like an accordion.

The sides of folding Aerocarts are usually not removed and the capacity is lower. But whatever you lose in lifting skills, you win it in the portability of the Aerocart itself, so if you want to make this compromise, choose a folding stroller.

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Watching my favorite TV shows, I saw ads over and over again for 4-in-1 universal movers and lifting machines. They look too good to be true, right? And you have to wonder if you have to buy it. Well, it is definitely a handy tool to get if you work a lot and have a lawn and garden that you have to pick up and move heavy things yourself.

The Aerocart is an ideal solution, functioning not only as a loader or Aerocart, but also as a multipurpose stroller that can be used for many daily tasks.

The AeroAerocart requires minimal maintenance. Simply wipe it down when it gets dirty and it is like new. However, if not used often, make sure all spare parts are covered and hidden as they may rust over time. Otherwise, just store the Aerocart under a shed or in a garage.

A unique and useful feature is the bag reception. You can easily convert the Aerocart into a bag case and fill it with bags to perform a variety of tasks in the garden. For example, this feature is very useful when collecting compost material or dry leaves.

So far, we have only read about how advanced the Aerocart is. Before you buy, familiarize yourself with its shortcomings. Obviously, not everything will apply to you, but some drawbacks cannot be ignored.

  • Basic Aerocarts are most commonly used in gardens. However, the biggest drawback of the Aerocart that everyone agrees on is the size of the Aerocart. The Aerocart is narrower to improve accessibility, but this results in a reduction in the size and depth of the Aerocart. Being much smaller than a typical garden stroller makes it more difficult for many patio objects to fit. To compensate, the Aerocart is designed to be slightly longer than most other Aerocarts. However, the length of the Aerocart makes it more difficult to turn around.
  • Aerocarts are designed to be flexible and can be used for a variety of tasks. They have developed different pieces that can be connected to the main stroller to perform different functions. However, the net and bungee are not strong enough to hold heavy objects. When a heavy pot stands on the net it hangs down and makes the job as a whole uncomfortable.
  • The spoiler is very small. This makes it a little uncomfortable for taller people to use it, as they have to constantly bend over while working. Also, their most famous feature, tires that don’t let you down, is not as ideal as you might think. They are hard, so moving them around on hard surfaces is not easy. They are also very heavy, as most strollers are made of metal. Therefore, moving furniture is a difficult task. It is advisable to consider lifting the aerocart on the stairs to move the furniture. Moving the furniture itself is time consuming.





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