How much does the worx aerocart weigh?

flexible tool

After watching both videos, I would love to win the aerocart. What fascinates me the most is that the aerocart is a flexible tool not only for lawn care lawns. As soon as I inherit a house and move my family there and maintenance needs to be in and out. My son is only 6 years old and my daughter is a newborn so my wife does not have time to help so burn the candle at both ends.

  • The average worx aerocart weighs 50 pounds.

Easy installation that took about 10-15 minutes and easily hooked up to my Highlander. Reliable productitable distance from stop light and proper distance from vehicle! Would recommend the towel silent pin.

  • These boots are great! Loaded on camping trips with no problems!

Got it on my first trip of about 600 miles in rounds. I was very impressed! Easy assembly, easy loading. Honestly, so quiet I didn’t even notice it installed while I was driving! I have a 2019 Toyota Highlander and it matches perfectly. I was even able to fully open the rear doors/lock without interfering with the luggage compartment, I went through 1 1/2 inchesper durable and I highly recommend it!

The ram and cargo case are very easy to install and look great in my 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. It fits in the back on the backup wheels.

One of the best purchases for our vehicle. Much easier to deal with the grill on the roof of the car. It has helped release a lot of extra space in the car for longer trips. We have traveled over 10, 000 miles and it looks and works. The bags help protect against rain, dust, and dirt.

This carrier was very easy to assemble. It is a little heavy but i was able to put it on myself. I use the locks with the rattles and work well together.

Easy installation and reliable construction! I assembled the load receptor and installed the Towbar very easily! We took it on a trip and it worked well, we really like it. Thank you Etrailer, you are the best!

The other day I tried to move my boulder and hit him on the back. I could not find anything at home that would allow me to roll him somewhere else. I like the idea of a aerocart with big wheels that don’t sink into the ground like the wheels on a manual aerocart.

part lawn mower

Worx 20V GT 2. 0 WG160 mobile and mini switch

The new 20V wireless lawn mower is part lawn mower, part adjacent and part lawn mower. The wheels have been enhanced, which not only makes the GT 2. 0 easier to use, but also helps achieve more consistent results.

Like the Aerocart, the wireless lawn mower has many, many features, but it is best that it can be adapted to each user. The handle can be adjusted to a comfortable length, and the auxiliary handle can be locked at different angles.

ideal for pruning areas

In Mini-LawnMower mode, the GT 2. 0 is ideal for pruning areas where the mower cannot be pushed with a stroller or reached with a stroller but also as a basic lawn for smaller lawns.

Unique sometimes leads to tricks, but we really like these new Worx lawn and garden tools, and Worx has gone to great lengths to make both the Aerocart and the GT 2. 0 functional and easy to use.

How TO ENTER: Leave a comment here telling us which of the two worx tools you would like to win more of and which features you find most appealing.


Winner SELECTION: (2) winners will be chosen at random and each will be invited to choose (1) prize from the two options above.

Rules: A non-mailbox address in the continental U. S. Is required. Participation period ends on Friday, June 27, 2014; one (1) entry per person; no more than one (1) entry per person; no more than one (1) entry per person.

Execution OF PRIZES: Worx will offer a tie-breaking prize and will send the prize directly to the winner.

I would like to win an Aerocart. I happen to be looking for something to help me work in the yard that can do more than haul things like aerocarts, and the flexibility that the Aerocart offers caught my attention as something close to what I was looking for.





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