How to connect air compressor fittings?

flexible tube for the air compressor

When purchasing a flexible tube for the air compressor, always keep an air compressor in mind, as all flexible tubes do not work well with all compressors. However, in general, it is necessary to always select a flexible air tube using a hybrid polymer.

To answer this question, go back to the first question, the connection type, and measure the call diameter if the NPT is used. As a guide, it is better to measure the outer diameter of the lens and subtract 1/4 “. It is also a good idea to consider automatic dehydration of fixed-type compressors and accessories (air filters, molecular cibes, dehumidifiers, etc.). Automatic line lubrication system is also sold at stores. We recommend COXREELS’s tube drum. They are many overhead (single and combination) and wall reel suppliers and provide excellent services.

  • It also describes how to connect multiple hoses to the air compressor.
  • There are so many types of air hoses, and the price range is different.
  • And people don’t know how they are different and what flexible tubes are needed for air compressors.
  • Before that, you need to understand the principle of air compressor and air flow.
  • In other words, when the compressor is launched and the compressed air is loaded in the tank, this bypass link does not leak air.
  • Otherwise, all compressed air will flow out of the reservoir. Compressed air passes the air regulator at the end of the airline with this link.
  • This link keeps the air in the cylinder until it is used. The color and size of the link supplied from the air compressor may differ, but the shape is almost the same.

What are BSPF and BSPM?

Most hoses come with a screw type or quick disconnect coupling. The male screw is screwed into a female screw, and the male-shaped quick disconnect is screwed into a female quick disconnect, so a coupler may be required to connect the line. Fortunately, we provide a wide variety of joints, and air compressors and SGS horses can simplify the process with 1/ 4-inch BSP screws and quick disconnect.

The use of a connector does not technically limit the length of the pipe. As a general rule, it is always better to use one long pipe than to connect many pipes. The higher the number of connections, the easier it is to cause pressure loss.

Air compressor parts are required to efficiently operate the body and supply the air required for driving. To select parts suitable for a specific model, you need to know what kind of air compressor parts exist. As a result, Quincy Compressor experts have created this guide to determine the appropriate size and style.

The parts of the air compressor are parts to maintain constant air flow and pressure in the compressor. Each part plays a different role, but all are important to keep the unit healthy and functional.

When replacing the air compressor parts, start by checking the appropriate size. Most air compressors are based on the NPT (National Pipe Tapered) standard. This means the size of the screw. It is necessary to measure the size of the auxiliary pipe using the NPT chart and determine it. You will be able to use this information to select various accessories you need.

With Thailand, you can easily connect the air cylinder or air compressor to the airline. When the air hose is removed, the connection is closed and air does not leak. There are various types of connectors, such as automotive, industrial, ARO, and V connector.

Links and plugs are compatible. No matter which style you select for the link, you need the same style for the blanking plug. The basic information required to select a plug is the size or volume of the air that can pass the plug. Most standard air compressors require a 1/ 2-inch or 1/4 inch plug, and the latter is more common.

Articles and comments were a great debate and helped to resolve long-standing confusion on connection and nipple. I know what is on the market, what is in my store (and the reason), and what to look at. Thank you very much.

How to Install Air Compressor Hose Fittings

The problem is that most links look the same, so it’s harder to recognize than plugs. There is a way to measure the number of thin and thick stripes in the pair body as a generally recognized way, but it is quite useless because nobody protects it.

thick stripes

Are all air pipe parts the same?

As mentioned above, the parts of the air tube are distributed in various forms. In order to judge and select parts that match your use, please see the network table below or contact TCH.

Do not use air tube components to handle water. By doing so, residual water may cause great damage to the device. It is not recommended to use a fast-moving air disconnector designed to be used in the water environment.

However, if you fall into a dilemma, you may be able to use water using air accessories. However, in that case, you need to replace it with a new one immediately. E-Series’s quick disconnect is suitable for use in a water environment because of a straight-through design. Talk to our experts to see if it is suitable for your purpose.

I had to think for myself and learn it myself. Aerial lines and parts are very difficult, but they can’t be overcome. I use Milton. It is a wonderful and wonderful brand. I had a hard time understanding that an air tool had to use a 3/8 inch tube. Why does my point rotate?

How much air can the compressor handle?

First, there are several basic flow rate, such as 1/4 “, 3/8”, and 1/2 “. This is the amount of air that can be handled by the plug, and in the size of the parts at the tip of the plug. Not. This focuses on parts with a basic flow rate of 1/4 inches. This is the size found in most houses and light commercial applications.

There are two basic 1/4 inch flow-sized plugs: V-FLOW (high flow) and Lincoln*. It is not found in large stores, but Northern Tool sells V type and Lincoln type is sold in Menard.

Then, the basic flow rate shall be 1/4 inches, and each type will display the most commonly used name in bold.

The industrial plug is the photo above. Sometimes called by another name. For example, it is also called a Milton plug, but it is exactly Milton M style. It is also called D and I/M style.

  • To further confused, Milton has D, but it is not always compatible with this style.
  • The image above is a car plug, which is also called a troohret, type T, and type C.
  • Left: Industrial plug. Right: High flow plug. Left: Industrial spigot. Right: Industrial plug: Large-flow plug.

The V-type plug is a large-flow plug similar to an industrial plug, which enlarges the inner diameter as shown in the figure above to improve the air flow. The illustration is Milton’s V-type plug, but high-flow plugs are also manufactured by other companies.

There were no complaints because they were mistakenly exchanged for “automobiles” several years ago. And most other people can’t use me. Is there an advantage for “automobiles” in the “industry”? I have not found anything. Ideal as an alternative to yellow coil tubes. It is easy to make a coil and can withstand the pressure up to 300psi. The EZ Twist on-air cartridge is related to the Schrader tire valve attached to almost all tires around the world. This hose is suitable for supplying air to all tires and inflatables.

Various manufacturers

There are many cases where different manufacturers can exchange hoses. Most designs are standard, and there is no problem with replacement. However, the performance may change significantly due to a small difference in applications.

For example, common links can be operated on both industrial plugs and automotive plugs. However, since the manufacturer does not always manufacture the same, different cases have been reported by users of these parts. In addition, there are many cases of leaks for general-purpose links.

Also, if the standard is different, the tolerance error for factors such as pressure and temperature may be different. These differences may not be noticeable in basic applications, but manufacturers often do not customize alternatives. High flow cannot be tolerated by the design of the connection, the nipple, and the clamp.

What is in the kit of air compressor?

The attached Hi-flo brass bundle can always be connected to Aele.

In order to obtain the best results, it is recommended to use the Hi-flo plug (contained in this kit) to maintain the largest airflow and torque, along with the Hi-flo connection.

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Fractures make it easier to attach and detach airlines from air compressors and air tools. As described above, the structure is closed by inner ring when the connection is removed, so a shut off valve is not required. These connections are configured on the outside and inside, and can maintain internal pressure when connected correctly.

Which air compressor does not require a shut-off valve?

  • Length: 15 feet
  • Diameter: Inner diameter / outer diameter 5. 2 mm / 10. 8 mm.
  • Black.
  • Type: straight
  • Material: EPDM
  • Slot 1: Q Nitto Japan type link.
  • Reception 2: EZ twist chuck.
  • Used pressure: 150psi. @ 70 °.
  • Used pressure: 300psi.
  • Temperature range: -68 ° F + 176 ° F (T-20C to + 80c).
  • Oil resistance: There is a limit.
  • Uv stable: None
  • Packaging: Very dense bag.
  • Length: 15 feet
  • Diameter: Inner diameter / outer diameter 5. 2 mm / 10. 8 mm.
  • Black.
  • Type: straight
  • Material: EPDM
  • Slot 1: Q / Nitto Japan type link.
  • Reception 2: EZ twist chuck.
  • Used pressure: 150psi. @ 70 °.
  • Used pressure: 300psi.
  • Temperature range: -68 ° F + 176 ° F (T-20C to + 80c).
  • Oil resistance: There is a limit.
  • Uv stable: None
  • Packaging: Very dense bag.

Personally, I switch to Milton type plug little by little. It’s a reliable brand that you can buy locally, there are few type V links, and the link itself can be used on various links.


The air compressor is important to secure the flow of compressed air from the air compressor reserve to the brass instruments without interruption. It is very important to select parts suitable for both the shape, size, and flow requirements of both the air compressor and the spirit instrument.

This book explains the basic knowledge of air compressors and their accessories. It also explains the types of air compressor parts.

Components and links are the basic parts required. Depending on the application, you need to choose from automobiles, industrial use, and other types.

The cost of these parts is very low. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase in large quantities and have it as stock. That way, you can pick it up immediately and replace the broken links and coupling.

There are several parts of the air compressor. They are labeled on the same color on the link and coupling according to the appropriate style and application.





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