Laser lawn mower

Laser lawn mower

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Laser Mower

“You will not cut off your finger, but a direct hit in the eyeball, even on nanoseconds, will blind you for a lifetime,” warns Riley in YouTube.

And this turned out to be an incredible adventure. And very similar to an experiment such as “Never do this house again. ”

Blinding Light

The invention was certainly interesting, but there was one drawback. This is ineffective. Riley for a whole week cut grass and other things with a thin stick.

A 40 W laser processing machine, which is about 8, 000 times higher than the power of the laser pointer, was combined with a cardan suspension printed on a 3D printer so that the laser can spin effectively.

A cunning laser understreaming laser control, using the tank’s caterpillar, was no more useful, covering the foot of grass for painfully long two hours.

Redmi wireless headphones were replenished with inexpensive Redmi Buds 4 Lite: in the home market a new offer costs only $ 20.

“It’s not going to cut your finger off or anything like that,” he warned, “but a direct hit to your eyeball, even for just a nanosecond, would make you blind for the rest of your life. “

The result is a cone-shaped area of charred organics, which can be placed in a green box instead of a clean lawn, which looks like it was trimmed with a cheap lawn mower.

Earlier, the new technology for filling coffee laser was reported.

Project Description

Added. “Therefore, instead of mowing the lawn, I decided to shoot a video on the creation of a robot’s lawn mower as an act of a millennium on YouTube. ”

James and Maria urge the public to finance their invention. The preliminary patent for this invention was filed to the US Department for patents and trademarks, as well as an application for registration of a trademark.

“He does not cut your fingers,” Riley admits in the video on YouTube.


“Modern youth quickly adapts in the digital era. The last thing we can do is garden work, which is soft and has no concentration, ”says Riley.

Every year in the United States, thousands of people visit emergency hospitals due to lawn mower injuries and deaths.

“However, if you hit the eyeball directly, even in nanoseconds, you won’t be able to see your life. ”

Was The Invention Effective?

The beam always faced the hill in front of the laser scythe at a slight slope, for the safety of Riley’s neighbour.

Mowing My Lawn with a LASER! ! !

Laser lawn mower needs exceed

Space X has received a new FCC license for the first time to launch satellites in a new orbit. As a result, it can expand network bandwidth and expand 5G smartphones and Tesla electric vehicles.

The Mower’s Performance

Gizmodo noted that the laser certainly had enough power to cut through weeds and grass, but in most cases, baking it only weakens until the plant falls.

The company itself does not point to a satellite model, but seems to be a second generation model (Starlink v2. 0). These satellites can be technically linked to a regular 5G smartphone. In this case, you do not need to buy a special device. The fact that it is placed in a low orbit also points to the characteristics of the new satellite.

** These injuries and deaths could have been avoided IF a Laser Lawnmower was being used. **

News articles about those injured or killed by spinning lawn mower blades (from around the world).

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This build was seen thanks to Gizmodo. I can’t believe it, but the lawnmower in the previous job was scarier. Riley was driving four smart buggies with sharp blades on the engine with a remote control. The operator does not want to get too close.

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The laser only reaches from one side of the deck to the other side, so if a body part gets under the mower’s deck, it has a 10% chance of being damaged. There is 90% of the area where people can get into a lawn mower.

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Riley also makes wild creations such as all remote control cars, hydrolocal and Ratracks. You can check it out on the YouTube channel RCTESTFLIGHT.





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