Sear lawn mower blades

95-614-ay Gator Mulcher Knife 027-46 replaces Sears 157033-170698-176084 Part Number: 95-614-ay

Quality Control

95-011-ay 027-48 Blade replaces Sears 25322-9485H-9497R-9585H Part number: 95-011-AY.

How to SHARPEN Lawn Mower BLADE Sears Craftsman remove and install new

Length: 21″ Width: 2-1/4″ Thickness: 0. 134″ Center hole: 5-pointed star

95-607-ay 027-44 Gator blade replaces Sears 25034-25034R-106635x requires 3 blades for 44″ decks.

20″ Gator Blade – Replaces Sears Part Number: Sears 25744 – Blade Length: 19″ – 15/16″ – Center Hole Dia: 5/8″ – OD: 3/8″ – Center Distance: 1 – 7/8inches – Width: 2. 50 inches.


Blade replaces Sears 130652 – Requires 3 for 44″ deck – Fits models: Sears 44″ high performance deck – Length: 15 3/8″ – Width: 2 1/4″ – Center hole: 5 pt star

95-049-ay 027-44 Blade replaces Sears 130652-130652ms-532130652-Requires 3 blades for 44″ decks. Part Number: 95-049-Aay

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Required for 2 38″ cuts – High Rise – Part Numbers: Replaces Sears 131322 and 138497 – Blade Length: 19-9/32″ – Center Hole Dia: 5/8″ Star – Width: 2. 50″ – Thickness:. 187

Sears Craftsman DLS3500, DLS 3500 42″ Lawn Tractor Mower Blades Set of 6 Fits Models:

Blades interchangeable with Sears 25034, 25034R, 106635x, 122265x, Husqvarna 532 10 66-35 – 3 required for 44″ deck – Length: 15 5/16″ – Width: 2 1/4″ – Center hole: 3/8″

Gator Blade replaces Sears 25034, 25034R, 106635X. Requires 3 blades for a 44″ deck – Length: 15 3/8″ – Center hole: 3/8″ – Width: 2. 25″.

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2 Required for 38″ Cu – Heavy Version 95-03 3-AY – Alternate Part Numbers: Sears 127842, 138497 – Husqvarna 532-138497 – Poulan Pro 532-138497 – Blade Length: 19-9/32″ – Center Hole Diameter532 – 138497: 5/8″ Star – Width: 2. 25″.

How to Sharpen the Blade

Ultimately, it must be a balanced blade. Otherwise, the blades cannot be equal, the more will vibrate and damage, the larger the motor.

95-024-Aay Blade 027-20 69229, 850972, 56400, 33203, 33204, 80204 Part Number: 95-024-ay

Balancing the Blade

Sear lawn mower blades Blades interchangeable with Sears

Step 7: To check the balance, partially drive the nails straight into the stud. Put the blade on your nails, check if someone has a low one, and polish the hard part until you can balance it.

20″ Cutting Blade ● Interchange Part Number: Sears 69229, 850972, 56400, 33203, 33204, 80204 ● Husqvarna, 532-850972 ● Poulan Pro 532-850972 Blade Length: 19-15/16″ ● Center Diameter: 3/8inches ● Center to center: 1-7/8 inches ● Width: 2. 50 inches.

Sears Craftsman DLS3500, DLS 3500 42″ Lawn Tractor Mower Blades Set of 6 Fits Models:

Blade is replaceable with SEAR Blades-AYP 752233 and 14510 6-Multing-Multing Coverbable with Master 20 “Walkmore-Length 20″ – Tenaiboa: 5/8″ – Center to Center 1-7/8″ – View: 2-1/4”-.

Sharpness disappears. Because the amount of shaving is small, the life of the blade will be longer. Just set the blade in a vise and then cut it. I don’t have a bench or vice yet, so I use a clamp to hold the blade on a very high wooden shelf. If you have sharpened a knife or sharpened it with a grinder, you may notice that the shape of the knife has two features. 1) Sharpening dent. As a result, the edges become thinner, and shear, chisels and even cracks are easier to enter (especially after disappearing). Ideally, the edge is flat, but if you don’t know how to cut it with a flat file, you can use a convex surface. 2) More metal is removed at one point along the length of the blade than other parts. This is represented by the edge of the curve of the blade by blade, or the middle of the blade by blade. However, in the case of a two-story blade, it is ideal that the entire blade is parallel to the back of the blade, as the top blade is often thin in relation to both ends. In this case, it’s a good idea to keep the straight edge at the same angle.

95-003-Aay Blade 027-38 139774, 134148, 24692, 532134148, 532139774 Alternate Part Number: 95-003-Lay

Blade Specs:

6037-Lay 027-20 Blade 850972, 56400, 33203, 33204, 80204, 25744 Part Number: 6037-ay

Gator Mulcher 3-In- 1-1 replaces 131322 and 13849 7 – Klipad Length: 19-9/32″ A – Center Bore Dia: 5/8″ Stars A – Width: 2. 50″ A – Thrust: 0. 187。

6437-ay 027-46 Blade replaces Sears 163819/152443-3 Blade parts required for 46″ decks: 6437-ay

Sear lawn mower blades grinder, you may





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