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  • John deere lawn mower shuts off when blades engaged

    Answer: When the clutch begins to fail, this usually manifests itself when it is turned on. Clutch can be sluggish from time to time, but you will find that this is a typical symptom. It also becomes quite hot after some time of work. Usually, after turning on, it remains on until it is turned […]

  • Honda lawn mower mulching blades

    If you used these mowers in the past, leave a comment in the next comment field and share your experience in the community. Our verdict The brake lever ends the engine when the handle is released. Therefore, even if a person who is, is unintentionally released, the lawn mower will not continue to move independently. […]

  • Best tool for sharpening lawn mower blades

    Bradley Mowers offers a model that can quickly and easily use a regular knife, including a simple professional crack for use. We have the necessary tools to make the blade the best angle that will not enter. Please order online now. Specifications When the blade is firmly fixed and the lawn mower is correct, just […]