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  • Craftsman throttle cable for lawn mower

    290-249-re 185 The throttle control cable replaces SEARS CRAFTSMAN 700417 Part number: 290-249-IAY AYP/Sears/Craftsman Lawn Mower Thread Control No. 532175437 The throttle control cable is replaced by AYP-SEArs 417238 and Husqvarna: 532 41 72-38-suitable for models: AyP-Sears PPWT60022 and PPWT60022x-Technical characteristics: 32 1/2 inch-CHILDS: Z-shaped bend. Problems with the throttle lever is usually easy to […]

  • Craftsman lawn mower won t stay running

    My lawn tractor with a capacity of 19 liters. With. For some time it works, and then turns off and behaves as if it overheat. Leave it for several hours, and it will begin again. Any ideas? Why Is It So Hard To Start My Lawn Mower? If you have problems with the launch of […]

  • Best sears lawn mower

    It has a 46-inch cutting deck and a built-in deck cleaning system. T135 offers comfort due to high rear seats and smooth steering. If you do not like to mulch every time you mush, this model can be for you. Corded Electric For a lawn mower suitable for your garden, you will need a long […]