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Leather face was the last witnessed in 2017, but the reconciliation of a physical murderer finally revived-“Texas chainsaw Masakuri” is not a matter of time. All you know about the movie “Texas Chainsaw Masakuri 2022”

The leather face will be officially revived in the form of “Texas Chainsaw Muschecker 2022” for the first time in five years. Here, I will introduce everything you know about the reboot version. Judging from the trailer, the reboot version will not start from the original killings. This work has been a series work since “Leather Face” (2017), and will be the ninth work in a franchise, which has a history of about 50 years.

This slasher will be directed by David Blue Garcia (“Bloody Vacation”), and Chris Thomas Deblin (The Web) will be in charge of the script. “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022” is based on the original of Fede Alvarez (“Dont Breeze”) and Rodo Sayages (“Breeze”, “Dont Breeze 2”). This work is also a direct sequel to the work released in 1974.

The original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” was released in 1974, the director was TOBE HOOPER (“Polter Geist”) and the script was Kim Henkel. The franchise was widely praised, creating eight movies, products, video games, and comic books. The entire franchise has earned more than $ 247 million worldwide (according to data). Here’s everything you need to know about Texas Chainsaw Masakuri 2022.

On the Mark Burnham side will be Sarah Yarkin (melody), Elsi Fisher (Lyra), Orwen Frure (Sally), Jaco Bratimoa (Dante), Mode Ford (Logter), Alice Cleargi (Mac), Jessica Alaine (Dante’s lover). The actor John Laroquette, who was in charge of the 1974 work and in the 2003 remake version, will be in charge of narration.

When can you see “The Texas CHAINSAW MASSACRE” on Netflix?

Netflix usually distributes original works at 3:00 am in Eastern Europe (Pacific time). If you are looking for a late-night horror movie, you can see “Texas Chainsaw Musquet” at 3:00 am in the Greek time on February 18.

The ninth work of the Texas Chainsaw Masakuri series is set in Harlow, Texas. In the remarkable ghost town, businessmen are trying to rebuild the ruins and buy them back.

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The old man wearing a leather mask calls the ruined prison as his own dormitory, finds greedy rulers one after another and begins to destroy it. But Sally Harden’s trials-the desire for recovering the only survival of the leather face slaughter may ruin the last fear.

Orwen Foy, who plays Sally Hadesty, a surviving leather face murder, is known for his success in the Dublin’s drama scene, but some people remember the mother of Mandy (2018). There will be. And yes, John Laloca (“Night Court”) plays the title roll. Texas Chainsaw Muscat (2022) is the sequel to the popular horror franchise based on 1974 films. In the sequel, about 50 years later, Sally will kill his family. At the same time, new customers appear in the town. They are also victims of the skin.

We wanted to make this movie look vivid and violent.

When making a sequel to the most loved horror movie in history, you have to respect everything.

Director David Bru Garcia said in a dialogue with Comic Books.

The photographer and I talked a lot about Sablim Grind House. I wanted to make it a fresh and heavy movie like the original, so I used a very old camera, a simple doll, and hand-held photography. I didn’t want to be too sloppy to update a movie for modern spectators.

In addition, he continued: “Before making this movie, I saw the original, it was the last movie I saw before making this movie, that the spirit and style of that movie were protected”.

Netflix promotes this kind of horror because its reaction is intentional: Even in 2021, streakers have released some films in genre for terrorism fans. “Brad Red Sky”, “Street of Teller” trilogy, “Samwan to Die Four”. In February, Netflix will release an ambitious project of the 1974 sequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie.

Netflix will release The Texas CHAINSAW MASSACRE MOVIE

The latest release date of The Texas CHAINSAW MASSACRE MOVIE.

Netflix will release the sequel to The Texas CHAINSAW MASSACRE at 12:01 pm on February 18, 2022 and 3:01 am in the eastern time. If you’re a slasher genre fan, you’re awake and want to see the premiere.

The role of leather face will be Mark Burnham on behalf of Gunner Hansen.

Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher, Jacob Lattimore, Mo Dunford, OLWEN HOWELL, ALICE KRIEG, Jessica Alleyne are appearing.

The new trailer released in late January shows many horror images, such as the reappearance of new characters and survivors Sally, as well as the terrible images of leather face lurking among some crops. Increase. It’s toughness.

The release time of the movie “Texas Chainsaw Masket”

Texas chainsaw masket will debut this Friday with Netflix on 12:00 pm (PT) / 3:00 am (ET) on February 18. The length of the movie is 83 minutes.

Another big plus of the upcoming movie is that Sally Hadesty, a symbolic character, appears as the last girl in the original movie. Marilyn Burns, who played her, died in 1995, and played the role of Orwen Huel.


The other day, the trailer of this work arrived. You can see it below. A lot of blood and fear are promised!

When can you see “Texas Chainsaw Masket” (2022) at Netflix?

The Texas Chainsaw Masket (2022) will be released on Netflix (opened on a new tab) this Friday (February 18, 2022). It will be released at 3:00 am in Greek time.

For more proposals, 11 Netflix movies before the release in February 2022 (the first movie will be released on Saturday (February 19)), Netflix’s best film, Netflix’s best horror movie.

Netflix (open on a new tab) is the highest streaming service. The library includes original series such as “Ozark”, “Strangeer Things”, “Cobra Kai”, “Bridgerton”, and an original movie such as “Don’t Look Up”. Don’t forget a classic license program like “Neighbor of Symine Feldo”. The standard plan is currently $ 15. 49.

Looking for a new program or movie on Netflix? Netflix has revealed the release date of the fourth season of “Stranger Things”, so you’ve probably known that you have to wait. Yes, it is a two-part configuration like reading it. Do you want to do something completely different this weekend with WWE Elimination Chamber 2022 live details?

On the other hand, the biggest new series of Netflix is Kanye’s documentary series “GeneYuhs”. Comic fans and gamers will want to know exactly when the “CupHead” series will appear on Netflix (soon).

Fortunately, for those who don’t want to go to the theater, “Texas Chainsaw Muscat 2022” can be watched with streaming services. This movie will only be released on Netflix. The release of the Texas chainsaw Masakuri 2022 will be in time for Valentine’s Day on February 18, 2022.

displayed in Netflix

When will the new work “Texas Chainsaw Maskkake” be released? Where can I watch the movie “Texas Chainsaw Masakuri 2022”?

Texas chainsaw masked “will be distributed on Netflix on February 18 (Fri).

Netflix movies usually exist in streaming services at 12:00 am in the Pacific time or at 3:00 am in East Europe. It is 3:00 am on the Pacific time on the movie release date or East Europe time. In other words, “Devil’s Sacrifice” will be distributed on Netflix on February 18 (Fri) at 12:00 am in the Pacific Ocean time (3:00 am in the eastern European time).

If “Leather Face” is not yet displayed in Netflix, update the page or log out and reconnect.

Cast introduction of the movie “Texas Chainsaw Muscat”

The cast of this movie is composed of newcomers in franchise. The new teen teams are Sarah Yarkin of Happy Day 2 and Elsie Fischer, a second-year junior high school student, plays the role of melody and Lira’s brother.

Jacob Latimoa (“Chi”) and Nell Hudson (“Outlander”) play their best friend Dante and Ruth, Jessica Alaine (“Landory”), Sam Douglas (“Valerian and Sand Planet”). ・ Koi (“Rare Beast”) and Mo Danford (“Viking”) are also appearing.

On the other hand, the two protagonists of “Inhelitance” are played by young actors. Orwen Ford challenges Sally Hades’s survivors (sadly, Marilyn Burns’s performers have died in 2014), and Mark Burnham is wearing a leather mask this time.

directed by award-winning director David Blue Garcia

However, the protagonist of the original movie is back. Variety reports that John Laloca will lend to the opening of the movie. In the 1974 edition, Larocaquet appeared in the news and talked about the truth of the movie event, but it is likely that he will do the same this time.

In addition to this cast, Alice Kleigi, the role of Mrs. Mac, and the alien characters of William Hope, the role of the sheriff Hathaway, will appear.

This iteration of “Texas Chainsaw Musket” is directed by award-winning director David Blue Garcia (“Tejano,” “Bloodfest”) from a script by Hollywood director Chris Thomas Devlin (“The Web”). Increase. The film is being produced by Lionsgate’s Bad Homb and his Exurbia Films in partnership with Legendary Pictures.

What kind of prehistory does Texas Chainsaw Musket (Texas Massacre) depict?

The new film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a direct sequel to the original 1974 film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This horror franchise is a complete horror franchise made up of eight of his slasher films not directly related to the original, anime books, and video games based on the 1974 film.

When will The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie be released?

No, the movie will be released on Netflix in Spring 2013. The film was originally set to hit theaters, but was sold to Netflix for exclusive distribution.

  • Texas Chainsaw Musket (1974) is streaming on Fubo, Showtime, AMC+, Tubi, DirectV, Shudder, Spectrum and IMDB TV. Also available for rent or purchase from Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, Apple TV, Microsoft and Alamo On Demand.
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) – Stream on Foopla and available for purchase or rental on Apple TV.
  • Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Masakuri III (1990) – Stream on Cinemax and Spectrum On Demand, Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV, Redbox, Microsoft, Vudu, DirectV and available for purchase or rental on YouTube.
  • Texas Chainsaw Muscat Next Generation” (1995)-broadcast on HBO MAX. Available for purchase or rental on Amazon, Vudu, Apple TV, Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft and Redbox.
  • Texas Chainsaw Muscat (2003) – This movie is streaming on Netflix and Kanopy. You can purchase or rent Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft, Redbox, DirectV, Vudu, AMC. You can purchase or rent on demand.
  • Rental available.
  • Texas chainsaw 3D (2013) -Peacock Channel views; Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, Microsoft, Redbox, AMC On Demands.
  • Leather Face (2017) -Sets on DirectV and DirectV and PL Kingstar TV continuous distribution, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, VUDU, Microsoft and AMC On Demands.





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